Saturday, 1 January 2011

197 WORLD OF TWIST, The Clouds, Bristol University Anson Rooms, Wednesday 30 October 1991

Chugged down to this one in the Mini of one of Veronica's friends, and, following a direction-mare, we ended up parking a good quarter-mile from the gig itself! D'oh! The venue is a large hall with chairs along one side, so, after meeting up with Soke for a beer in the bar, I took a seat (!) to watch The Clouds trippy, if a little miserable, support set of guitar fuzz which started badly, but improved.

However, I was on the front barrier for World Of Twist, who again had an elaborate stage set of pillars and revolving plinths, if a little toned down for the big tour as opposed to the larger scale Astoria setup. I dunno, I'm 26 and should really be getting a bit old and cynical, but WOT, "live", fill me with boundless enthusiasm and have me bopping away, clapping and shouting for more like a stupid teenager. Another fabulous concert, this, with frontman Tony Odgen confirming his superstar talent, leading WOT through a firework-studded set of powerful and instant memory-hugging pop classics. In this form, right now I'll never tire of seeing World Of Twist!

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