Thursday, 27 January 2011

62 ULTRAVOX, Zerra 1, Oxford Apollo Theatre, Friday 14 November 1986

Drove down in appalling conditions, having an aquaplane spin on the journey there, but managing to collect it before I totalled the car!

Zerra 1 played a disappointing set of metallic thrash, very unlike their earlier, more anthemic rock material.

Ultravox however were astonishing. We were in the balcony, so had an excellent view of a brilliantly complimentary light-show. The band were ostensibly promoting slightly disappointing new LP "U-Vox", but played a "Greatest Hits" set of their familiar synth pop, notable being a stark "All In One Day", a rocking and soaring "One Small Day" and the inevitable "Vienna".

Managed to get the last set list by running down the stairs, exiting the theatre then getting back into the stalls!

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