Monday, 31 January 2011

39 X-MAL DEUTSCHLAND, Restless, The Bolshoi, London Camden Town Electric Ballroom, Monday 4 November 1985

Got the train up and arrived in time to see The Bolshoi's set. They excelled in the face of utter indifference, changing the lyric of their best number, the spooky, sinister "Happy Boy" to reflect their reception; "such a happy boy today, blew the audience clean away..."

Restless - again - were rockabilly rubbish. I wish they'd stop turning up as support in my gigs...

Xmal Deutschland also excelled with a fine set of mostly unfamiliar material, but with the usual strident female vocals and spiky, spooky Goth overtones. Left running on the conclusion of the last number, and caught the last train by the skin of my teeth, actually hopping onto it while it was pulling out of Paddington! Whew!

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