Tuesday, 18 January 2011

118 THROWING MUSES, The Sundays, Bristol Bierkeller, Sunday 12 February 1989

A two car convoy pitched up at a jam-packed Bierkeller for this eagerly awaited gig (not only by myself, so it seemed...). Support band, the much lauded Sundays, disappointed with an insubstantial set of obvious Smiths impressions, fronted by a flimsy female vocalist. Don't believe the hype!

Throwing Muses, however, are a different proposition; having been turned on to their delicious music box of tricks - at times wonderfully melodic, at times harsh, abrasive and jagged, often in the same song! - by Ady recently, I was up for this one, and meeting Tanya Muse before the set only elevated my anticipation. Although I resolved to get right down the front as she was so short!

So I did, right down the front, bumping my legs on the lip of the low stage! As for the set, well... I was lost for words, moved almost to tears and as excited as a kid at an airport by the Muses' totally awesome set, which stretched to 3 encores. Grabbed a set-list and, after a long wait, met all the band afterwards and got said list autographed. I'd also picked up a sheet containing the prompts to encore and highlight "Vicky's Box", from the stage, which Kristen later told me she brought onstage as she thought I'd grabbed for a set-list and missed! A totally amazing night out, and all in all, one of the best gigs I've ever been to!

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  1. I went specifically to see the Sundays and was bored stiff and playing pinball well before the end. The Muses more than made up for it. Great set!