Wednesday, 26 January 2011

88 THE HOUSEMARTINS, The Farm, North Of Cornwallis, London Brixton Academy, Saturday 26 September 1987

Took the train up on a promise of being on the North Of Cornwallis guest-list, but found out on arrival I'd been bumped! Couldn't call NOC's Lester to the backstage door to clarify things, as he was actually onstage at the time! So, watched a bit of his set from the backstage door until being shooed away, firstly heading off sulkily on the tube, but then swallowing my pride and going back to the gig, sorting tickets (balcony only) from a tout. Bah!

Met Lester at the bar downstairs during The Farm's innocuous set, and forgave him. Headliners The Housemartins played a committed and enjoyable set of knockabout pop, not complacent at all despite their current elevated status which was only slightly soured by their socialist preaching - to the converted?

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