Wednesday, 19 January 2011

112 WIN, Feint, London Harlesden Mean Fiddler, Sunday 6 November 1988

The M4 was fogbound all the way there, but we arrived in time to catch the boring, slightly Cocteau Twins-like support band's ephemeral and forgettable set. Win, however, took the stage at 11.30 and blistered through a set of mostly new, unfamiliar numbers. Expanded to 6 members for the "live" performance, they certainly "took it to the bridge" with a gutsy display of their bright, shiny dance rock, with Davey Henderson an excellent frontman, and "Super Popoid Groove" a thunderous live experience, just shading it over the equally punchy "You've Got The Power". Well worth it - and worth the even foggier drive back, which took over 2 hours and saw us creeping blindly along the M4 at 30 mph!

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