Wednesday, 26 January 2011

83 THE CHESTERFIELDS, Rodney Allen, The Rosehips, Thursday 2 July 1987

Drove down for this one, the first of a couple of gigs in a row from Subway Records acts, appropriately enough in label home Bristol! Parked up and went for a drink , then bumped into the delightful - and at 17 very very young - Rosehip vocalist Yoland (real name Donna; how disillusioning!) stuffing her face with chips in the street. T'uh, kids...

Got into the very cosmopolitan Bristol Tropic Club, where Flatmates drummer Rocker acted as Master of Ceremonies and DJ with excellent taste. The Rosehips played a hot, fast and very breathless set, featuring wilful destructions of The Chesterfields "Ask Johnny Dee" and The Ramones "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue" - the latter if anything being even faster than The Ramones version! Yoland also dedicated their buzzsaw-like rendition of single "Room In Your Heart" to us Swindoners!

Rodney Allen was outrageously excelent; one man-cub and his guitar taking on hordes of sweaty punters with bittersweet love songs and Billy Bragg/ Weller-esque deliveries, and winning handsomely. Complimented him on this remarkable feat afterwards.

Bumped into those fresh faced chaps from The Chesterfields and chatted before their set, which was typically jangly, smiley, upbeat and fast paced. I rocked out down the front, then headed off afterwards with signed stuff and a large grin. And one eye, as I dropped my contact lens before the gig. Silly me...

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