Thursday, 13 January 2011

138 THE DARLING BUDS, Kitchens Of Distinction, Bristol Bierkeller, Wednesday 2 August 1989

One of the hottest gigs I've ever been to, on a hot August evening! Had the usual gathering of men in the Prince Rupert beforehand, then played pinball in the packed and sauna-like Bierkeller during the Kitchens Of Distinction's unremarkable set. (They would get better... much better...) Met Sarah, formerly of the Flatmates, there, and had a reminisce about their old gigs as well!

We all wore shorts again, and t'was a good thing, as I got totally drenched (to the point that we stripped to our underpants in the car park afterwards, wringing our clothes out afterwards and leaving puddles of sweat!) in the mosh at possibly my sweatiest ever gig. The Buds were on top form, converting this slight cynic with a razor sharp set of their upbeat pop fizz, varying from oldies and new numbers, with "Valentine" and "Tiny Machine" particularly memorable. Still, a hot hot hot one!

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