Tuesday, 18 January 2011

120 THE CLOSE LOBSTERS, The Mayfields, Jive Turkey, Bristol Tropic Club, Friday 3 March 1989

Back to this cosmopolitan and sleazy old late night Bristol club for the first time this year ("Club Tropicana", as Lobsters vocalist Andrew Burnett was to later refer to it!). As this is a notoriously late one, we didn't actually set off from Swindon until nearly 10, and we were still one of the first there! Met some Bristolian folks there whilst checking out the support bands; Jive Turkey were an unexpectedly good, hard rocking support, but the Mayfields were just twee shite...

The Lobsters themselves didn't come on until 10 past 1, by which time they were all pretty well pissed! Still, they played a really solid set, if understandably fried and a little messy, of their brilliant jangly pop with a distinctly sinister undercurrent, largely drawn from their new LP "Headache Rhetoric" (which is okay, but not a patch on their utterly seminal "Foxheads Stalk This Land" debut). A powerful, early "Nature Thing" was the highlight of their encore-less set; damn that late start!

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