Thursday, 27 January 2011

74 THE CHESTERFIELDS, Riot Of Colour, Escape From Burma, Catholic North, London Hammersmith Clarendon Hotel Ballroom, Thursday 26 March 1987

Had a promise for a guest list spot for this one, so me and Rich caught the train, consuming a 4-pack on the journey, and Guinness in the pub next door! Had to pay to get in to this "Club Bastard" night, however, as we'd got bumped from the small guest-list; bah!

Chatted with the Chesterfields whilst the support bands came and went, also meeting Johnny Dee, a Brighton fanzine editor and subject of the Chesterfields single "Ask Johnny Dee". Also spoke to John Violin, vocalist of headliners 1,000 Violins, inarticulately attempting to persuade his band to come play in Swindon!

As for some music; The Chesterfields played an excellent set of happy jangle pop, which I danced to down the front of this big hall. However we missed 1,000 Violins' set as we had to catch the last train home. Damn!

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