Monday, 31 January 2011

44 THE HOUSEMARTINS, His Latest Flame, Swindon Level 3, Tuesday 18 March 1986

Met the Housemartins in the Rolleston pub when they wandered in, and casually stuck my copy of their recent Sheffield set-list under their noses for them to sign (Norman Cook signing it, "thieving rotter!").

Support His Latest Flame impressed again with some classy girly pop. The Housemartins, however, were generally slightly disappointing after their excellent showing in Sheffield. Norman later informed me by letter that the Swindon crowd was the most complacent on their "Twisting Roadshow" tour, so this was their toughest gig. However, highlights were a splendid a capella "Caravan Of Love", and vocalist Paul Heaton commenting on the recent railway works closure ("Thatcher's Britain..."). I thanked him for that afterwards (my dad being one of the railwaymen to lose his job in the closure), and also chatted with a couple of Flames and to Norman at length!

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