Tuesday, 18 January 2011

119 THE PARACHUTE MEN, UV Pop, Greenhouse, Leeds Duchess Of York, Saturday 25 February 1989

In Leeds for the weekend, watching the footy, so we popped along to see a local band; which by happy coincidence happened to be my current faves The Parachute Men! Yay! Got in for nowt on the guest list, so we ignored the support bands, playing in the back bar, and got drunk with Parachute people Steve and Fiona instead!

Spotted Wedding Present mainman David Gedge in the crowd before the Parachute Men set. The Paras themselves were a little messy and haphazard (especially the raucously drunk Fiona!) but still brilliant; "Leeds Station" and "Sometimes In Vain" (dedicated to us!) were the highlights of a fabulously flawed set of their heart-rending and thrilling female fronted Indie pop, which was performed without a set-list (shame!). Chatted endlessly with the band afterwards, which culminated in my rolling on the floor with Fiona after an embarrassingly hopeless fireman's lift went wrong. Oops...

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