Wednesday, 19 January 2011

113 1000 VIOLINS, Snapdragons, Bristol Tropic Club, Saturday 3 December 1988

Another late night in Bristol; we didn't get to the club until 1/4 to 11, but that was fine as support The Snapdragons didn't come on until 11.30! When they did, however, they impressed with a sinister, danceable set propelled by a charismatic and evocative Pete Wylie-lookalike frontman. A good start!

So I finally got to catch all of a 1,000 Violins set - at last! Chatted to new vocalist Vince Keenan, a friend of Craig's from Sheffield, before he led the Violins through a faultless high-octane wall of noise type set, based largely on the very 60's influenced "Hey Man That's Beautiful" LP. A shame "Please Don't Sandblast My House" was omitted, but oldie "Halcyon Days" was a highlight of a fine performance; commended various Violins afterwards and grabbed a (very small!) set-list!

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