Thursday, 27 January 2011

65 DEL AMITRI, The Dentists, London Marquee, Friday 5 December 1986

Took the opportunity of this gig to visit and stay with a friend at Brunel University; or was it the other way round? Either way, I got very pissed indeed at this gig, meeting up with a number of other Del Amitri mega-fans (Dels fans of the world unite!), hanging out with Sushil and other Soup Dragons in attendance, and also bumping into Lloyd Cole, being terribly rude to him about his glasses and unshaven state. He still signed my Dels set-list, although on the back...

Del Amitri, despite my drunken state, were memorably excellent, premiering lots of new and impressive material, particularly catchy opener "When I Want You". They also threw in a cover of the Rolling Stones "It's All Over Now" in their set.

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