Thursday, 20 January 2011

103 NORTH OF CORNWALLIS, Supp. Jim Jiminee, International Rescue, Fleet Football Club, Saturday 28 May 1988

North Of Cornwallis vocalist Lester dropped me a note informing me of this one, and of an open-air gig they were due to play in Forbury Gardens in Reading that afternoon! So I took the train to Reading, meeting up with the band for a kick-about, but didn't get to see their scheduled set as it got delayed, and delayed... then I went home, to get the car to drive to the evening gig, and missed it! bah!

Drove down to the evening's show, and chatted with Lester whilst openers International Rescue were on, exhuming the ska revival of the late 70's/ early 80's rather clumsily. Lester provided us with signed photos (nice!) prior to NOC's excellent but sadly short 7 song set, which featured 3 oldies and 7 new numbers! The 3 oldies, particularly the virtually re-written "Billy Liar", had all been heavily reworked and revamped, so seemed like new numbers to me! Still bouncy, upbeat and uplifting pop, though, so that works for me!

Bumped into Jim Jiminee's vocalist Kevin, who remembered meeting me at their Primitives support show last year, before they took the floor in front of their hometown crowd and predictably went down an absolute storm. Their good time music needs an enthusiastic audience to feed off, and tonight they had that, so they put on an excellent performance. I however was far more impressed by North of Cornwallis... but then I would be, wouldn't I?

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