Tuesday, 18 January 2011

125 THE BIG DIPPER, East Village, Blow Up, Cud, London Camden Dingwalls, Tuesday 25 April 1989

Drove up for this eagerly awaited one with Dave, to North London in time to catch all the unobtrusive supports; Cud were quite good, Blow Up started well then faded, and East Village were good background music!

I however was more interested in chatting to Big Dipper guitarist Gary Waleik, from whom I'd received a couple of nice postcards, following my fan letter to this thrilling new Boston band. Had a lengthy chat with him before their set, which for them was a "greatest hits" run-through of material from all 3 (2 1/2?) of their LPs to date.

Big Dipper - out of the Transatlantic void they came; the set was magnificent and left my ears buzzing for days! Highlights? All of 'em! Melody, harmony, incredibly loud guitars, power, dynamism and showmanship from the angular vocalist Bill Goffrier, quirky songs about witches, lunar modules and guys wrecking their own houses; how can you NOT fall deeply in love with this band? I did, and 20+ years later, I'm still smitten...

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