Tuesday, 11 January 2011

143 THE WEDDING PRESENT, Greenhouse, Portsmouth Guildhall, Monday 30 October 1989

Not a great first impression of this stately old venue, as the 4 of us arrived; the Guildhall had vomit down the stairs, the merchandise and support band were very average, so we found the bar and stayed there!

The Wedding Present took the stage at 9.30 and thrashed through a set primarily based on new LP "Bizarro". They're a bit of an acquired taste really, you either like them or hate them; me, I kinda like their choppy aural assault, which seemed surprisingly at home in this big hall, whilst hoping for some more tunes and variation as well. Nevertheless I got well sweaty in the moshpit for this one; a pity the set was so short, particularly for such a large venue...

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