Monday, 31 January 2011

54 THE SHOP ASSISTANTS, THE BODINES, Wild Flowers, London University Of London Student Union, Friday 3 October 1986

Caught the train and met up with a couple of Uni friends in London; spent much of the time taking the piss out of current music press darlings Talulah Gosh; a couple of members of said band were actually in attendance tonight, and when confronted by this drunken lout claimed "they'd been misquooooted" about being the fore-runners of a new anorak movement!

The Wild Flowers were absolutely god-awful; The Bodines however turned it around impressively with an excellent performance of strident jangly rock, flying floppy fringes and colour, with "William Shatner" a highlight. Certainly a more consistent offering than headliners The Shop Assistants; like the girl with the curl, when they were good they were very very good, but when bad they were dire. An unorthodox blend of very quiet breathy girly vocals from vocalist Alex Taylor and loud surf-punk rock guitar, they were however good more often than not!

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