Thursday, 13 January 2011

142 THE PARACHUTE MEN, Oxford Jericho Tavern, Friday 27 October 1989

Got in on the guest list again, as is becoming a habit with this band, despite having already paid! Luckily, the doorman gave us a refund! Spent some time in the pub below the venue, chatting to the band (vocalist Fiona holding court as usual), so missed the support band Everything Crash. Still, no loss as they looked well dodgy, especially the large female vocalist in PVC bondage gear...

As for the Paras themselves, they were infinitely better than the somewhat messy Gloucester set last week, the sound at the Jericho doing them more justice and credit, and the new line-up gelling a lot better. Power and pace - especially "Sadie" and "No. 3" - contrasted with touching and tender acoustic balladry, and left me counting the seconds until this varied and delicious new material is available on an LP. Chatted incessantly with the band afterwards as well!

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