Thursday, 20 January 2011

101 THE PRIMITIVES, Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie, Bristol Studio, Tuesday 10 May 1988

Drove Rich and his new "friend" to the gig, also meeting PG and his workmates in the pub beforehand, before going into the venue. The support were absolutely god-awful - should've stayed in the pub!

The Primitives put on a jolly energetic show, with vocalist Tracey wiggling her petite bottom about coquettishly, and coyly waving at the audience, but their guitar-heavy pop fizz seemed a little thinly-stretched in this big venue, and I couldn't help wondering that chart success (sitting at No. 5 in the singles chart with "Crash") had come a little too soon for them. Still, a most enjoyable if not brilliant concert; and I still got a set-list - God knows how!

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