Monday, 24 January 2011

95 THE MIGHTY LEMON DROPS, THE WILD SWANS, Benny Profane, London Astoria, Saturday 27 February 1988

Took the train up and met up with North Of Cornwallis vocalist (and fellow Wild Swans fan) Lester Noel in the Tottenham before the concert! Missed most of opening band Benny Profane's set, but I made damn sure I was there and down the front for The Wild Swans! Brilliant as ever, despite vocalist Paul Simpson afterwards telling me he'd believed they were less than so, I honestly never get tired of listening to their massive, soaring, divine anthemic rock!

Spent most of The Lemon Drops set (which, the more I hear it, the more plagiaristic it seems of that mythical early 80's Teardrops/ Bunnymen Liverpool sound) talking to Simmo and the rest of the band in the bar, leaving fairly early for the train with gifts of cans of beer from the great man!

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