Thursday, 27 January 2011

60 JULIAN COPE, Primal Scream, Bristol Bierkeller, Wednesday 29 October 1986

Drove a carload down for this one, getting there in time to catch support Primal Scream play a flat, innocuous set which didn't do justice to their melodic, slightly-delic catchy vinyl work. Maybe next time...

Piled down the front, ending up stood next to a girl who insisted upon biting my arm because I stood too close to her - must've been her first gig - and got a large bruise in the process. Still t'was all worth it, after another splendid showing from Julian Cope, the supreme frontman. Got drenched down the front to Copey's wonderful set of soaring, epic pop, St. Julian delving back to the Teardrop Explodes days for a version of "Sleeping Gas", and encoring with a punk rock "Spacehopper". Brilliant!

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