Tuesday, 18 January 2011

121 THE WONDER STUFF, Claytown Troupe, Bristol Studio, Tuesday 14 March 1989

Drove down with a carload of interested parties, including rabid Stuffies fan Veronica, in pissing rain, Missed the first band on, Guillotine, as we stayed in the Horse And Jockey drinking instead! I wish we'd stayed there for the second band as well, as they were a mess of local Goth grebo thrash without a discernible tune to hang your hat on.

I bopped in the heaving melee with an enthusiastic Veronica to The Wonder Stuff; they sported an additional violinist "live" and impressed me more than I expected, with a fine and flippant set of swirling slightly-delic pop. "Radio Ass Kiss" a funny and memorable highlight in their set; a good night out!

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  1. I was at this gig, I arranged a coach trip from New College and about 20 of us went up there.