Thursday, 27 January 2011

67 JAMES, THE PRIMITIVES, Miaow, London University Of London Student Union, Friday 9 January 1987

Took the train in and stayed with a friend at Brunel University. Got to see all of Miaow's set this time, and was impressed with their understated but groovy pop, with current single "When It All Comes Down" a delight. The Primitives were very loud, punky, psychedelic and cool; met tiny and cute vocalist Tracey Primitive afterwards and complimented her on her elegance!

Headliners James (headliners! At last!) took the step up in their stride, and were, as ever, James; precious, whimsical, unorthodox, never dull, always eccentric, debuting a slew of new numbers but never failing to entertain. Superb!

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