Monday, 31 January 2011

41 DEL AMITRI, Bedroom Fear, London Marquee, Friday 28 February 1986

Took the day off work and took the train up to London to see Del Amitri, increasingly becoming my favourite band of this mid 80's moment. However I got utterly pissed on the journey up and before the gig! We snuck in without paying as well!

Support Bedroom Fear impressed, covering Liverpool band Dalek I's splendidly spooky "A Suicide" in their set. Lounged backstage with the Del's before they went on, however by now I was totally pissed and increasingly hungover, so the Del Amitri set went by in a drunken haze. I'm told they were brilliant!

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  1. Thanks for the name check. it`s nice to be remembered. cant believe my son found this.
    Gary (Bedroom Fear)