Thursday, 27 January 2011

58 THE MIGHTY LEMON DROPS, The Wedding Present, Pop Will Eat Itself, London University Of London Student Union, Friday 24 October 1986

Continuing a hectic, 7 gig October; took the train down for this one and hit the bar, popping in to the hall only to see openers Pop Will Eat Itself do a thrashy cover of the headliners' "Like An Angel". Very impressed with the guitar dexterity of main support The Wedding Present's vocalist/ guitarist, the loud shirted David Gedge!

The Mighty Lemon Drops played an incident-filled yet solid set of their strident rockist pop; I had a punter land on my head during the set, and the Lemon Drops themselves were assaulted by a plastic beer cup and took it rather nastily!

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