Wednesday, 26 January 2011

91 DEL AMITRI, Red Moon Joe, London Marquee, Sunday 8 November 1987

Took the train up on a Sunday afternoon for this, my 10th Del Amitri gig, albeit my first with the new line-up, Mick Slaven replacing Brian Tolland on guitar. Met North Of Cornwallis vocalist (and Dels fan) Lester Noel there! After ignoring the support band in favour of the bar, popped back in for the Dels, who celebrated their recent signing to A&M Records with a set of primarily new numbers, which were well rocking, with new guitarist Mick contributing dollops of feedback, a little incongruous for Del Amitri but suiting the tougher new material. Highlight was Justin Currie's solo ballad "This Side Of The Morning", which was lovely - complimented him afterwards after a set, which will provide the launchpad for greater things for Del Amitri...

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