Wednesday, 26 January 2011

87 THE CHESTERFIELDS, Reserve, Dancehall Giants, London Portlands, Tuesday 8 September 1987

In London on a BT training course (2nd night of 2), so popped over to this gig at the "Cool Trout Basement", that I'd only heard about at the Flatmates gig the night before! Met The Chesterfields in the pub around the corner prior to the gig, and, despite my being on antibiotics, worked through considerable amounts of alcohol before getting in on the guest-list and catching the supports, the inappropriate Dancehall Giants and the reserved but politely pleasant Reserve.

The similarly alcohol-fuelled Chesterfields played a raucous set which turned into a mess of screaming from a drunken vocalist Davey, and guitar feedback from Davey and Simon, burying their twee jangle pop under this punk rock excess. They all apologised afterwards, but I, similarly drunk, enjoyed it anyway!

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