Tuesday, 18 January 2011

116 THE DARLING BUDS, Blue Aeroplanes, Southampton University, Wednesday 25 January 1989

Drove down with a carload and met Dave's brother Ady and his Uni flatmate Kieron there before heading off to the gig. I forget how much I hate Student Union gigs at times; that is, until I get half a pint spilled down my leg and there's no bog roll in the gents. Bah! To aggravate me further, support Blue Aeroplanes were a pastiche of Happy Mondays-ish kings new clothes dancey meandering, and thus absolute bollocks.

Squeezed down the front for the popular Darling Buds, led by small and slightly podgy Welsh vocalist Andrea Lewis. Got mightily sweaty and covered with confetti (apparently de rigeur at a Darling Buds gig, didn't you know...) during a set of light indie guitar pop fizz, which didn't impress but was quite fun and worthwhile. "Burst" and a cover of the Cramps' "Human Fly" were memorable in an overall fun set.

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