Tuesday, 18 January 2011

115 THE CHESTERFIELDS, NORTH OF CORNWALLIS, The Milltown Brothers, Beat Hotel, London Camden Dingwalls, Monday 16 January 1989

A pretty ideal line-up at Dingwalls' "Panic Station" night, for my first gig of 1989! Also my first gig with Veronica. Had a slight car parking mare after a long drive through town to North London, so missed some of Beat Hotel's nevertheless punchy and enjoyable set. Spoke to vocalist (and former Chesterfields roadie) Jason at the bar while the Deacon Blue-ish MOR Milltown Brothers were onstage peddling their overlong and dull set.

Met North Of Cornwallis vocalist Lester, also introducing Veronica to him, and had a chat about the forthcoming FA Cup game, pitting my Swindon Town against his West Ham, before NOC played a splendid soulful, if short set, debuting a new bassist and featuring a beautiful opening "Falling Over December".

The Chesterfields were playing their first gig with the new line-up, following co-vocalist Davey and drummer Dom's departure, leaving new full-time vocalist Simon as the sole founder member. I piled down the front and had a good bop to their determined and more rock-oriented set, a more powerful experience then the janglier days of yore. Spoke to Simon Chesterfield afterwards; hopefully they'll be alright!

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