Tuesday, 18 January 2011

117 THE CHESTERFIELDS, The Beat Hotel, Swindon Link Arts Centre, Friday 3 February 1989

This was the first in a planned series of indie gigs organised by the Swindon College Student Union, and turned out to be a great success! Loads of people I knew turned up in a well-attended audience, and I spent all night saying "hey" to folks!

Beat Hotel went down well with their sixties melodies and hard-rocking, but headliners The Chesterfields really kicked up a sweaty storm, the new line-up operating very well now, and continuing to add a harder, meatier edge to their previously breathless but often polite jangle pop. After a stunning set, they were called back for 4 encores (!), I got name-checked by vocalist Simon in "Last Train To Yeovil" (which became "Last Train To Swindon" for the night - "it's where Dave Rose lives..."), and hung around exchanging congratulations with the band afterwards, following a most memorable occasion!

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