Thursday, 27 January 2011

70 AGE OF CHANCE, Miaow, The Wallflowers, London Astoria, Friday 27 February 1987

Took the train with Ray and met Craig there! Had a culture shock, with The Wallflowers, purveyors of my favourite single of last year with the chiming, charming "Blushing Girl, Nervous Smile", featuring former Telephone Boxes vocalist Peter D'Brickley! Spoke to him after their excellent set to confirm this. Miaow, next up, were again quietly and understatedly impressive; complimented bassist Ron afterwards.

Age Of Chance, whom I'd described as a cross between an industrial steam hammer and the Tour De France (!), were loud, brash, arrogant and confident, and a burst of noise and colour "live". The guitarist broke strings on virtually every song, such was the intensity of his playing. The stark backlit stage and their cycling outfits made for a unique visual spectacle. A wild and wonderful gig!

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