Monday, 31 January 2011

51 SIMPLE MINDS, The Cult, The Bangles, The Waterboys, In Tua Nua, Milton Keynes Bowl, 21 June 1986

Drove up on a blazing hot day, ideal for an outdoor gig, although I was suffering from the high pollen count and had to wear dark glasses to combat my hay fever!

The support acts whiled away the afternoon, providing a musical backdrop to some sunbathing; The Cult and The Bangles didn't do much for me, but In Tua Nua and The Waterboys were more impressive with their Irish-tinged melodies.

Simple Minds played a long set of their by-now stadium friendly anthemic rock, with occasional (not enough for my mind, but still...) forays into their more challenging and inventive back catalogue ("I Travel" and "Love Song" being predictable highlights). Jim Kerr was a very energetic frontman, changing shirts about 5 times, covering "Sun City" in the encores, moving around the stage frantically and expansively, and even reading out the score of the France-Brazil World Cup Quarter Final during their set!

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