Wednesday, 26 January 2011

86 THE FLATMATES, NORTH OF CORNWALLIS, Riot of Colour, London Camden Dingwalls, Monday 7 September 1987

In London on a 2-day BT training course anyway, so I popped along to this gig! Chatted at length to North Of Cornwallis vocalist Lester Noel, and Bristolian Flatmates Debbie and Sarah, during Riot Of Colour's innocuous but pleasant set.

North Of Cornwallis and The Flatmates both played excellent, fun sets of upbeat pop; North Of Cornwallis playing a splendid "cover" of Grab Grab The Haddock's "Last Fond Goodbye", and the Flatmates, with their new drummer, sounding more coherent as a band and less like a jam session in a student union bar!

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