Thursday, 13 January 2011

140 THE PARACHUTE MEN, Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine, Huey, Gloucester Guildhall Arts Centre, Friday 20 October 1989

Another Parachute Men gig, another guest list spot! Also, another posh "Arts Centre" type venue for The Paras, this time a venue similar to London's ICA. Got there in time for the competent support slot from openers Huey. Carter USM, next up, were however noisy, confrontational and unbearable, however good it was to renew acquaintances with former Jamie Wednesday and current Carter vocalist Jim!

The Paras themselves struggled with a pitifully inadequate sound and a complacent audience, getting frustrated and letting it show in a disappointing performance. Still, the new numbers sounded good and promising, though, and the new chaps on bass and drums sounded "at home", so here's hoping for better in Oxford next week! And I had a good time anyway, as I always do with this wonderful band, and went backstage and hung out afterwards; again, as I always do with The Parachute Men!

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