Thursday, 13 January 2011

137 BIRDLAND, Rumblefish, Bristol Bierkeller, Monday 10 July 1989

Had a few pints and games of pool on arrival; a good evening always guaranteed at the Bierkeller! This was the calm before the storm, however...

Also on arrival, I was pleasantly surprised that the very fine Rumblefish were supporting; they put on a great show of their jangle pop, which had shades of C86, The June Brides and even Echo And The Bunnymen. Great stuff, with "Medicine" a standout track. Spoke to Rumblefish mainman Jeremy Paige afterwards, and bought a t-shirt from him for the princely sum of £2.99!

Birdland, current much hyped punky media darlings, came on to a manic welcome, and played a loud, punky, brash set in a blur of energy and blond moptop hair, totally wrecking the place during their barely half-hour set of blistering amphetamine bullets. Encores? Ha! No chance of that as the stage was destroyed! Got a set-list - God knows how!


  1. I saw these guys at Oxford Jericho tavern around the same time. 30minute set @ 1,000,000 mph then they trashed the kit. The bouncer puched the drummer in the face as he'd trashed the house kit, and my friend mopped the blood off the ride cymbal. We planned to clone him, but never got round to it.

  2. Hugely underrated band were Birdland. Maybe they suffered from not being the Jesus and Mary Chain. Good on record, better live, we need more like them.