Friday, 14 January 2011

135 JAMES, New Fast Automatic Daffodils, Bristol Bierkeller, Monday 19 June 1989

The usual meeting with Posse Car 2 and the Bristol-working PG in the Prince Rupert saw us getting into the Bierkeller midway through the New FADs set. I found them rather grating, heading for the bar and the pinball machine instead! (I was to appreciate the New FADs more later, but tonight wasn't their night...)

Headed into the moshpit for James. My t-shirt got discarded as I, down to my shorts, got well sweaty to a James set which, whilst retaining the orthodoxy and unpretentious eccentricity of old, sounded far more coherent than before. Remarked on this to a no-longer bald Tim Booth during a brief chat afterwards, also discussing the merits of shaving one's head (something I was to do myself, 8 years later!).

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