Thursday, 27 January 2011

64 THE MIGHTY LEMON DROPS, THE WILD SWANS, Freight Train, London Astoria, Saturday 22 November 1986

One hell of a gig! Took the train up to this eagerly anticipated one, my first time of seeing early 80's Liverpool favourites The Wild Swans since they'd unbelievably reformed. Freight Train comprised Julian Cope's brother Joss and his guitarist Donald Ross Skinner, and played a not unimpressive set. However that was mere bland hors d'oeuvres before the banquet; I'd seen The Wild Swans 5 years previously, and time and break-ups hadn't mellowed or stifled their epic creativity. Only recently reformed, they still touched the face of Godhood; "Revolutionary Spirit", one of the best singles EVER, was divine, and the new stuff lived up to that standard. Brilliant to see them again!

Spent most of The Lemon Drops bolshy rock set talking to Paul Simpson and Jerry Kelly from the Wild Swans, who were friendly - Simmo particularly so - signing my set-list and inviting me to an after-show party. Damn my train home!

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