Thursday, 27 January 2011

78 THE MEN THEY COULDN'T HANG, JAMIE WEDNESDAY, Bristol Transport House, Thursday 28 May 1987

The JDubs - "live" at last! I'd been a fan of this band for about a year now and tried on a number of occasions to go see them, but finally I got a note from vocalist Jim, advising me of their support slot on this "Red Wedge" show, so I drove down on my own, meeting the band in the pub opposite before hitting the venue. DJ Wendy May spun the discs, and "Porky The Poet" (AKA Phill Jupitus) was MC.

As for the JDubs themselves; they were upbeat and jangly, and I enjoyed them immensely, being the only one dancing throughout their set. They dedicated "Born Again Atheist" to me, and also had a conversation with me from the stage! Headliners The Men They Couldn't Hang were as raucous and rabble-rousing as ever, with their Irish folk tinged rock well suited to this event. Unfortunately they omitted "Green Fields Of France" this time, but a great set nevertheless, capped with a raw and raucous "Ironmasters". Spoke at length to Jim and Simon from Jamie Wednesday after the gig, before hitting the road having finally seen this wretched band!

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