Thursday, 27 January 2011

77 THE FLATMATES, NORTH OF CORNWALLIS, The Word Merchants, Aldershot Buzz Club, Saturday 23 May 1987

Got driven down for this Saturday night gig, so consumed Carling Special Brew on an eventful journey down, driver Snowy hitting a rabbit on the way! In my drunken state I found the Buzz Club sign, "Admission £3, Members £2.50" hilarious; "d'you mean I have to pay £5.50 to get me and my member in?" Hardy har har...

The Buzz Club itself was a little posh, much like the ICA; openers The Word Merchants covered The Weather Prophets' excellent "Almost Prayed" in their set; North of Cornwallis ended their set with some Monkees covers, capping off a fine pop set which included an excellent, plaintive original "Falling Over December". A band worth seeing again!

The Flatmates were very raucous as expected, dishing out dollops of ramshackle buzzsaw pop with girly vocals. Spoke (or slurred...) at length to the bands afterwards, then promptly fell asleep on the drive home!

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