Monday, 31 January 2011

52 JULIAN COPE, The Mighty Lemon Drops, London, Tuffnell Park Boston Club, Thursday 14 August 1986

Got a lift up to London in a full carload with Roger, who drives like a bloody lunatic; 130 mph on the M4, 2 yards behind the car in front! Stopped on Oxford Street to do a bit of record shopping, and ran into Richard Jobson of the Armoury Show (and formerly vocalist of my early teen faves The Skids). Got into a conversation with him, during which he said the Armoury Show were looking for a new guitarist, and could I play guitar! I remember stammering out, "I could learn..." (but I didn't - and still haven't!)

After all that, the gig wasn't half bad either! The Mighty Lemon Drops were a tuneful bunch of leathered-up rockist Bunnymen/Teardrops disciples, but the master himself, Cope, also in full leathers and slithering over a huge microphone construct, gave them a lesson in powerful, tuneful rock and utterly astonishing showmanship. A wonderful and commanding frontman, and a pleasure to see him back in rude physical and mental health again! As one of his new numbers put it, "I've been away too long..."

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