Tuesday, 18 January 2011

126 THE MOTORCYCLE BOY, ONIONHEAD, Oxford Jericho Tavern, Friday 5 May 1989

Drove my VW Beetle (named "Lester"; yes, after North Of Cornwallis' splendid vocalist Mr. Noel!) into Oxford, which was nice; I was waving at other VW Beetle drivers more than I was changing gear, it seemed! My first time at the Jericho Tavern, a small room above a pub, which was also rammed out!

After a slow start, support band Onionhead impressed with a solid and entertaining Doors/ Bunnymen/ REM-like guitar rock set, which included a fine cover of Husker Du's irresistibly melodic "Could You Be The One?". Good stuff, and certainly made up for the disappointment of the headliners. Former Shop Assistants vocalist Alex, still unable to sing beyond a whisper, led her new charges The Motorcycle Boy through a messy set of synth/ Westworld/ Eurodisko mishmash, only partly redeemed by a razor-sharp version of "Big Rock Candy Mountain", easily their best song by miles and miles. As I said, very disappointing...

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