Wednesday, 26 January 2011

85 THE MEN THEY COULDN'T HANG, BOB (soon to be Carter USM), Head, London Astoria, Thursday 6 August 1987

A landmark gig, though I knew it not at the time. I'd taken the train up with a couple of mates, primarily to see Jamie Wednesday, only to find, after lasagne tea and on arrival at the Tottenham pub to meet up with the JDubs, that they'd split up, and vocalist Jim and guitarist Les were going to play a set as a duo, backed up with a drum machine! They were due to play under the name of Bob, but I informed Jim that there was already a band called Bob (ironically featuring a former Jamie Wednesday drummer), which prompted a rethink on their part. Thus it was that I attended the first ever Carter USM gig...

As for their performance, I have to admit it was a disappointment after the upbeat fresh melody of their former band Jamie Wednesday, but at least it was better than the first band on tonight, Head, who were crap. Headliners The Men They Couldn't Hang were however superb as usual, although we had to miss some of their set to catch the train. Bah!

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