Saturday, 1 January 2011

196 CUD, MIDWAY STILL, Bristol Bierkeller, Wednesday 23 October 1991

Damn, I've been brainwashed! Veronica has been playing me Cud records non-stop for the past 4 months or so, so when a tour passed by, we kind of had to get tickets! Luckily Andy is a big Cud fan too, so we got a lift down to the Bierkeller with him.

After a quick pint in the Prince Rupert (de rigeur for Bierkeller gigs!), we hit the venue in time to catch the start of Midway Still's set, which was totally at odds with their polite dancey single "I Won't Try", instead being thrillingly noisy in a Lemonheads East Coast US laze/ grungy rock kind of way, and I totally enjoyed it while hitting the pool tables (again de rigeur for Bierkeller gigs!). They played an electrifying "I Won't Try" and finished with stomping demolitions of both The Stone Roses' "She Bangs The Drums" and My Bloody Valentines' "You Made Me Realise"! A real blast!

Cud on at 5 to 10, led by vocalist Carl Puttnam, a thick-set, round bespectacled ginger tousle-haired frontman with an infinite capacity for entertainment. "Two days on a health farm and you can notice the difference," he quipped as the band launched into a super fine set of bouncy, uplifting pop music, full of old fashioned stuff such as good strong tunes and choruses, fun, and fine singing from Carl's unique larynx. "Hey Boots" and "Push And Shove" were the highlights of a memorable set!

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