Saturday, 1 January 2011

195 CHAPTERHOUSE, FIVE THIRTY, THE BELLTOWER, London Kentish Town Town And Country Club, Sunday 20 October 1991

Had a 2 1/2 hour nightmare journey down with Dave and Ady to this potentially exciting triple-header, hitting 3 different road works on the way; on a Sunday as well! Bah! This meant we missed all but the last 2 of the Belltower's set; what I did hear was excellent and left me cursing the traffic. Remarked as such to the band's vocalist Britta when I bumped into her; I'll definitely have to catch them next time round!

Five Thirty, however, were next up, and turned a shoegazing crowd of skinny introverts into a seething manic mess of sweat and colour, with their dynamic psychedelic set of powerful guitar rock'n'roll. Breathtaking every time out, with energy and vitality the keywords.

In complete contrast, headliners Chapterhouse cut a very morose dash, with their mood music, so absorbing on record in a sub-Lush/ Pale Saints way, coming across "live" as samey and insipid, with only the excellent "Pearl" and "Falling Down" of any worth tonight. A great shame.

Still, I wasn't disappointed overall, as Five Thirty saved the day. I bumped into vocalist Tara again, and complimented him on the gig. A great guy in a great band!

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