Saturday, 1 January 2011

194 JAMES, Eat, Bristol Studio, Tuesday 15 October 1991

James are seriously on their way up; this one was sold out months in advance! We got there in time for support band Eat, who were less hard on the ears than last time out, and actually quite good in a gawky, drawling kind of way.

As for James, well I guess it would be hypocritical of me to criticise and complain about their overnight success thanks to the ubiquitous "Sit Down", after championing them and hoping they make it for so long. However, having to share space with 14 year olds squeaking for this, the only James number they know, was well annoying. As for the band themselves, they put on a patchy performance with the new songs, in the main, low key and more orthodox than the quaint little James shapes of yore.

However, excellent renditions of "How Was It For You", "Sunday Morning" and the encores "What For" and "God Only Knows" rescued it for them. They've still got it; I hope they don't totally lose it!

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