Thursday, 6 January 2011

175 THE PARACHUTE MEN, The Hinnies, Oxford Jericho Tavern, Friday 2 November 1990

Drove down on my own for this, my 4th occasion of seeing The Paras at the Jericho ("we've overplayed this venue! This is the last time ever!" proclaimed Paras vocalist Fiona, somewhat prophetically), and the second time I'd flown solo. Met up with Fi in the pub below, then caught the final few numbers of much hyped support The Hinnies' disappointingly noisy and derivative set.

This was my first time of seeing the Parachute Men with new bassist, the statuesque Canadian redhead Colleen Browne, but you wouldn't have guessed she was new as she slotted in perfectly, forming a well oiled machine with drummer Paul. The band were as tight and together as ever, and led the initially complacent audience through a set of mainly high velocity rockers delivered with the usual Parachute Men drive, passion and care, and culminating in an encore cover of The Beatles' "Rain".

Hit backstage after the gig, and chatted with the band about "Twin Peaks", Vic Reeves, housebuying, and musical fashion and the transience of same. "I'll have the last laugh," remarked Fiona. Believe it!

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