Thursday, 6 January 2011

174 THE HEART THROBS, The Boo Radleys, The Popinjays (well, sort of...), London University Of London Union, Friday 26 October 1990

After an easy drive down the M4 then a hectic journey from Chiswick, we arrived to see the Popinjays playing a set outside the venue, in protest at a promoter's booking mix-up! Hmmm. Real support band The Boo Radleys had a vocalist resembling "Police Academy" character Z, and the blundering sound of a tone-deaf brontosaurus. Total crap.

The Heart Throbs came on at 10 to 10, opening with "Dreamtime" and playing a dreamy set of thoughtful pop tunes, mixing in some harder rocking stuff as well. Lacking the obvious pop fizz of the likes of The Primitives, or the class of The Parachute Men (but hey, everyone lacks that), they're carving their own niche and proving themselves purveyors of good old angst-ridden female fronted pop with an entertaining set, my highlight being the excellent "Slip And Slide".

(Well, I was damning them with faint praise for this one, but of course the Heart Throbs got a whole lot better.. and so did the Boo Radleys!)

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