Thursday, 6 January 2011

170 FIVE THIRTY, The Driscolls, Bristol Fleece, Sunday 15 July 1990

Wore shorts for this hot mid-Summer gig and arrived in time to take in Five Thirty's very finicky soundcheck! So much so, that support band the Driscolls' soundcheck actually took place 5 minutes before their set! They were an adequate guitarry noise, but overlong.

Five Thirty bounded onto the stage for their set in a swirl of light, denim extremities and wah wah pedal, which, welded to an urgent guitar thrust reminiscent of the dynamism of early Jam, and heavy rhythm and almost funk, made for an awesome aural attack. An amazing live spectacle; here is a band that can really cut it onstage, and I rocked out accordingly down the front, which was the hottest place in town!

Got to chat with the boys afterwards; despite the boundless potential their sound possesses, they are frighteningly down to earth and friendly blokes. Shared their after-gig sweeteners; not E-tabs, cocaine or even Jack Daniels, but... chocolate teacakes! Rock'n'roll, man!

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