Friday, 7 January 2011

169 THE PARACHUTE MEN, Rumblefish, Oxford Jericho Tavern, Friday 6 July 1990

Drove down on my own for this one and met up with the Parachute Men and their entourage for beer and banter in the pub downstairs beforehand. I've got Paras vocalist Fiona's favourite phrase, "you wouldn't let it lie!" permanently imprinted on my brain now, the amount of times I've heard it in the last week...

Got in on the guest list (hooray!) and went upstairs to the small room venue for the Rumblefish set of bouncy, quality pop music with good honest memorable tunes, the kind that no-one seems to listen to any more, sadly. I liked it though, and commended main Fish man Jeremy Paige afterwards.

As for the Parachute Men; the one thing I've noticed about their recent slew of performances is the added dynamism. Tonight, they put on yet another determined set of kick-ass rock and roll, and heartfelt sobbing ballads, with a superb encore version of "Norwegian Wood" (featuring Fi's friend Joanne... "plucked at random from the audience!" Yeah, right...) and brilliant oldie "Tell Everyone". I'll tell everyone about 1990's new, resilient Parachute Men, no worries!

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